Mercedes M270 1.6T & 2.0T Downpipe

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RVS downpipe voor de Mercedes A180, A200, A220, A250, B180, B200, B220, B250, CLA180, CLA200, CLA250, GLA180, GLA200 & GLA250 met M270 1.6 & 2.0 Turbo motor

76mm Downpipe without catalyst or particulate filter available for the following models with M270 1.6 & 2.0 turbo engine:

  • Mercedes W176 A180 - 2012-2018
  • Mercedes W176 A200 - 2012-2018
  • Mercedes W176 A220 - 2014-2018
  • Mercedes W176 A250 - 2012-2018
  • Mercedes W246 B180 - 2011-2018
  • Mercedes W246 B200 - 2011-2018
  • Mercedes W246 B220 - 2013-2018
  • Mercedes W264 B250 - 2012-2018
  • Mercedes C117 CLA180 - 2013-2019
  • Mercedes C117 CLA200 - 2013-2019
  • Mercedes C117 CLA250 - 2013-2019
  • Mercedes X156 GLA180 - 2015-2019
  • Mercedes X156 GLA200 - 2014-2019
  • Mercedes X156 GLA250 - 2013-2019

By installing a larger bore downpipe backpressure in the exhaust drops which makes the turbo rev easier which means the turbo starts building pressure at lower RPM's. If during shifting the pressure drops it also builds back pressure faster. 

By only installing a larger diameter downpipe the horsepower usually rises between 15 and 20hp and torque also goes up by 25 to 30Nm. Combining a downpipe with chiptuning brings even more extra power.

A software update (chiptuning) would be advised.

This product is not intended for use on the open road.

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SKU Downpipe_Mercedes_1856
Product Brand Chargertech
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With catalytic converter No
Car Brand Mercedes-Benz
Car Model A, B, CLA, GLA
Brandstof Fuel
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