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Premium stainless steel 3.0" exhaust bypass valve, without accessories

High quality exhaust flap for controlling the Sound of exhaust systems / mufflers

Mode: If you're looking for a valve that's closed at idle, then this is the one for you. The flap is closed at idle (vaccum pressure) and with rising pressure, ie opening throttle, or transition to positive pressure in turbocharged engines, opens the flap.
Our exhaust cutout valves are solid and absolutely accurate working. Attention was paid to stable and precise components. Not like some cheap-flaps, which are offered everywhere. So the bearing of the cutout valve mechanism is made of ceramic and not - as with other flaps - made of plastic, which does not withstand the heat. The housing has a bead, which determines the specified diameter. This results in the use of exhaust pipes with 1.5mm wall thickness, an edgeless inner diameter transition, which of course makes the welding much easier. The rod thread of the actuator is adjustable for individual requirements.

Connection diameter: Available in different sizes
At vacuum pressure: Closed
At applied atmospheric pressure / boost pressure: Open

Note: For vehicles with diesel engines, the vacuum connection must be connected with the pump to the brake booster! However, this is not allowed in the StVZO, as this is a safety-relevant intervention!

Not road legal in Germany, only possible with §21 technical inspection and report by TÜV / DEKRA

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