Intercooler 600x300x76mm type 2

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Intercooler 600x300x76mm met beide aansluitingen aan 1 zijde.

An intercooler is placed between the turbo/ supercharger and the engine to reduce the intake air temperature.

Colder air has a higher density at the same pressure resulting in more oxygen into the engine resulting in more power. Colder air also has a better combustion value resulting in less fuel with the same amount of power used.

Besides tuning projects, also suited for placement on stock engines with a turbo or supercharger as an upgrade for the stock intercooler.

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SKU 1089_Intercooler_600x300x76mm_type_2
Core width 600mm
Core height 300mm
Core thickness 76mm
Connection diameter 76mm
Product Brand Chargertech
Sold per 1
Car Brand Universeel
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