VAG 2.0 TDI CR swirl flap delete kit

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Set om de wervelkleppen te verwijderen bij de VAG 2.0TDI CR motoren

The swirl flaps that VAG uses on the 2.0TDI CR engines are known for causing serious problems. They can get stuck and cause various errors but in worst case scenarios these get loose and can get into the engine resulting in major engine damage.

This kit is intended for removing the swirl flaps and blocking of their installation hole. 

This kit is suited for all 2.0TDI CR engines with aluminium intake manifold with part number 03L129711E.

Suited for the following engines:

  • CAAB 2.0TDI - 102hp
  • CAGA 2.0TDI - 143hp
  • CAGB 2.0TDI - 136hp
  • CAGC 2.0TDI - 120hp
  • CAHA 2.0TDI - 170hp
  • CAHB 2.0TDI - 163hp
  • CBAA 2.0TDI - 136hp
  • CBAB 2.0TDI - 140hp
  • CBAC 2.0TDI - 143hp
  • CBBB 2.0TDI - 170hp
  • CBDA 2.0TDI - 136hp
  • CBDB 2.0TDI - 140hp
  • CBDC 2.0TDI - 110hp
  • CEGA 2.0TDI - 170hp
  • CJAA 2.0TDI - 140hp
  • CMEA 2.0TDI - 143hp

When installing this kit we advice to combine this with a modification of the engine management or installing our P2015 bracket.

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