Eaton Supercharger oil

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Vol synthetische supercharger olie, specifiek voor Eaton superchargers

Supercharger oil, specifically for changing the oil in Eaton superchargers. This oil is marked by the manufacturers as a lifetime oil but experience learns that it still degrades during the years and is best replaced every 5 years. 

This oil is a full synthetic supercharger oil with Tribodyn technology and is besides Eaton also suited for other roots and screw superchargers as well as centrifugal superchargers with transmission case. The oil is less suited for friction and ball drive centrifugal superchargers.

The oil reduces friction and temperature within the transmission case resulting in a longer life span

For an Eaton M45 around 118ml is needed, for most M62, M90 and M112 superchargers around 180ml is needed.

+/- 237ml per bottle

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Product Brand Eaton
Manufacturer part number JB SCO-8
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Car Brand Universeel
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