BMW X5 E70 3.0i Superchargerkit


Superchargerset voor de BMW X5 met N52B30 6-cilinder motor

This superchargersystem is supplied as a complete bolt-on kit with the following parts:

  • Raptor VL supercharger
  • Superchargerpulley
  • Supercharger bracket
  • Multi rib V-belt and guide pulley
  • Recirculation valve
  • 3D-printed intake hose
  • 3D-printed boost pipe
  • Various hoses and hose clamps

This system can be connected to the original airfilter box and requires no modifications, just a single hose from the engine breather system that needs to be connected to the new hoses and that's it. 

This kit is designed for the BMW X5 with N52 or N53 6-cylinder engine.

This kit is supplied with a Raptor VL supercharger and 4psi / 0,3 bar pulley which results in circa 25% more power and torque. The system is capable of reaching much more boost and power gains but that will require engine modifications.

There are several options available to upgrade your system:

  • VLB, VLCBX or VLCBX-R supercharger
  • Water- / Methanol injection system

To make sure your car is tuned properly we advice to get the engine management dynotuned after installation.

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SKU Supercharger_BMW_1924
Product Brand Chargertech
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Car Brand BMW
Car Model X5
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