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Externe wastegate 38mm
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eSG50 Electronic StraightGate
Turbosmart Gen-V eWG
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The Role of a Wastegate in Your Turbo System

A wastegate is a crucial component of a turbocharger system in a car. It controls the pressure of the exhaust gases going to the turbocharger, directly affecting the efficiency and performance of the engine. Whether you're a car enthusiast looking to enhance your vehicle's performance, or simply someone wanting to learn more about how your car works, understanding the function and benefits of a wastegate is essential.

What Does a Wastegate Do?

A wastegate regulates the amount of exhaust gases going to the turbocharger. This prevents excessive pressure build-up and protects the engine from potential damage due to high pressure. A well-tuned wastegate ensures smooth power delivery without peaks or power loss.

Internal Wastegates vs External Wastegates

There are two main types of wastegates: internal and external. Internal wastegates are built into the turbo's housing. External wastegates, on the other hand, are separately mounted on the exhaust manifold. They offer more control over the boost levels and are often used in high-performance applications.

The Benefits of an Adjustable Wastegate

For car enthusiasts, an adjustable wastegate is a popular choice when tuning their vehicle. By accurately adjusting the pressure, drivers can increase the boost levels and thus improve engine performance. A wastegate is therefore an efficient way to elevate your driving experience.

Installation and Maintenance of Your Wastegate

When installing a wastegate, it's important to ensure that all components are correctly mounted and sealed to prevent unwanted escape of exhaust gases. Regular maintenance and inspection of the wastegate help prevent issues and optimize performance.


When choosing a wastegate, it's important to ensure that it's compatible with the specific turbo system of the vehicle. Not every wastegate is applicable to every vehicle, so it's important to check this in advance.

In conclusion, wastegates play a vital role in optimizing the performance of a turbocharged engine. Whether it's maintaining reliable pressure regulation or maximizing power for motorsport purposes, a good understanding of wastegates and their functions is essential for car enthusiasts and tuners. So take the time to delve into this topic and get the most out of your turbocharger system! Our experts are always ready to answer questions about tuning your car. Feel free to contact us!