Subaru Tribeca B9 3.0 H6 superchargerkit


Subaru Tribeca superchargerkit
Geschikt voor: 3.0 H6 Model 2006-2008

This superchargerkit has been developed by Chargertech and is as of now available as a complete DIY kit for your Subaru Tribeca B9 3.0 H6.

The kit is available in 2 different packages:
-A basic Raptor V kit without intercooler at 0,35 bar/ 5 Psi producing around 70hp extra.
-A VLC kit wih liquid-cooled air-cooling integrated in the supercharger running at 0,45 bar/ 6,5 Psi producing almost 100hp more power.

The kit contains all neccessary parts:
-Drive belt
-Air filter and custom intake hose
-Pressure tube with blow off valve
-380CC fuel injectors
In case of the VLC kit extra:
-Modified supercharger

The kit is complete with all brackets, hoses and other connecting materials.

Included in the kit is also the neccessary engine management changes to make the car run good with all hardware installed. To get our specially for this engine designed software it is neccessary to send us the original ECU so we can modify it and then send it back to you.

Total installation time: less then a day!

To install the kit there have to be done some minor changes to the car itself.

The kit gives no errors in the car's systems and maintenance remains possible at a normal garage.

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