BMW N57, N57N, N57S, N57Z Downpipe

Article number: Downpipe_BMW_1412

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RVS downpipe voor de BMW E70, E71, E90, E91, E92, E93, F01, F02, F06, F07, F10, F11, F12, F13, F15, F16, F25, F26, F30, F31, F32, F33, F34 en F36 met N57, N57N, N57S of N57Z motor


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Description / BMW N57, N57N, N57S, N57Z Downpipe

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76mm Downpipe without catalyst or particulate filter for the following models with N57, N57N, N57S and N57Z engines:

  • BMW 3-Serie E90 325D, 330D(X)
  • BMW 3-Serie E91 325D, 330D(X)
  • BMW 3-Serie E92 325D, 330D(X)
  • BMW 3-Serie E93 325D, 330D(X)
  • BMW 3-Serie F30 330D(X), 335DX
  • BMW 3-Serie F31 330D(X), 335DX
  • BMW 3-Serie F34 330D(X), 335DX
  • BMW 4-Serie F32 430D(X), 435DX
  • BMW 4-Serie F33 430D(X), 435DX
  • BMW 4-Serie F36 430D(X), 435DX
  • BMW 5-Serie F07 525D, 530D(X), 535D(X)
  • BMW 5-Serie F10 525D, 530D(X), 535D(X)
  • BMW 5-Serie F11 525D, 530D(X), 535D(X)
  • BMW 6-Serie F06 640D(X)
  • BMW 6-Serie F12 640D(X)
  • BMW 6-Serie F13 640D(X)
  • BMW 7-Serie F01 730D(X), 740D(X)
  • BMW 7-Serie F02 730D(X), 740D(X)
  • BMW X3 F25 30DX
  • BMW X4 F26 30DX 35DX
  • BMW X5 E70 30DX, 40DX
  • BMW X5 F15 30DX, 40DX
  • BMW X6 E71 30DX, 40DX
  • BMW X6 F16 30DX, 40DX

Suited for versions with 204, 245, 258, 299 and 313pk. 

Replaces OEM nr:

  • 18307805780
  • 18307807135
  • 18307807153
  • 18307823488
  • 18308510429
  • 18308511143
  • 18308511146
  • 18308511147
  • 18308512692
  • 18308512710
  • 18308513526
  • 18308513527
  • 18308513528
  • 18308513529
  • 18308515653
  • 18308516088
  • 18308516089
  • 18308517208
  • 18308517450
  • 18308517451
  • 18308517726
  • 18308571006
  • 18308571009
  • 18308571010
  • 18308571022
  • 18308571023
  • 18308576331

The versions with or without Adblue require a different downpipe.

By installing a larger bore downpipe backpressure in the exhaust drops which makes the turbo rev easier which means the turbo starts building pressure at lower RPM's. If during shifting the pressure drops it also builds back pressure faster. 

By only installing a larger diameter downpipe the horsepower usually rises between 15 and 20hp and torque also goes up by 25 to 30Nm. Combining a downpipe with chiptuning brings even more extra power.

A software update (chiptuning) would be advised.

This product is not intended for use on the open road.

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SKU Downpipe_BMW_1412
Sold per 1
Heatshield No
Heatshield No
Product Brand RM Motors
With catalytic converter No
Car Brand BMW
Car Model Serie 3, Serie 4, Serie 5, Serie 6, Serie 7

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