Turbocharger Manifold Gasket T25

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Turbocharger Manifold Gasket T25

Manifold Gasket T25 / GT25R / T28 / GT28R

high quality Turbo metal gasket

Gasket between Manifold and Turbocharger

This is a punched stainless steel Gasket. Due to the imprint the sealing surface originates exactly in the needed position. Please notice that with every assembling and disassembling a new gasket is needed.

Material: stainless steel
Overall Size: 93mm x 60mm
diameter cut out: 54mm x 42mm
Bore distance: 73mm x 40mm

Fits with:
Turbocharger T12 up to T28

Garrett T12
Garrett T15
Garrett T2, T20
Garrett T25, T25BB
Garrett T28, T28BB
Garrett GT15
Garrett GT20
Garrett GT25R, GT2554R
Garrett GT28R, GT2860R
Garrett GT28RS, GT2860RS
Garrett GT2871R
Garrett GT2876R, GT28/40R, GT25/40R
Garrett GT3071R-WG (T28 exhaust Side)
Garrett GT3076R-WG (T28 exhaust Side)
BorgWarner AirWerks S1BG
BorgWarner EFR6258
BorgWarner EFR6758

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